Can you survive as a castaway? We recreate this scenario on our very own Pinkham Island, located in the middle of Spectacle Pond at camp. Each session has it’s own unique theme woven throughout, ranging from Zombie Apocalypse to Pirates. Participants spend Monday to Thursday on the Island, with two experienced trip leaders as their guides. Their initial objective will be to obtain food, shelter and water before embarking on a series of group challenges that will arrive discretely throughout each day. Successful completion of the challenges will be acknowledged through the receipt of luxury items and surprise activities. Groups will also come up with a way to escape the island at the end of the week, often by building a raft. In their spare time, there will be ample opportunity to swim, soak up the sun, tell stories around a crackling campfire, and get to know fellow castaways. We challenge you to embark on this unique adventure!

For this trip, groups will spend their first and last night at Base Camp, and the remainder of the week camping on Pinkham Island.

PREREQUISITES:  This trip is a great choice for new and returning campers alike! This trip is open to campers ages 12-16. Campers registering for this trip should feel comfortable swimming.