All About Trips


Camp Burgess & Hayward Adventure Trips offers 1 and 2 week overnight trips during the summer months for youth ages 12-17.  We offer many different trips with a variety of focuses, ranging from surfing to scuba diving to chilling on Cape Cod. You can choose the trip with activities that interest you the most!  Regardless of the specific focus of the trip, all of our trips provide participants the opportunity the step outside their comfort zones, gain confidence, and make lifelong friendships in a caring and supportive environment.


  • Our Adventure Trips each run for one or two weeks, but most participants choose to link trips together to create a longer experience.  Campers can stay the weekend by registering for the Mini-Adventure Weekend.
  • We offer 3 different Adventure Trips every week of the summer, and trip offerings vary week to week. This allows campers to choose a variety of adventures if they want to attend Adventure Trips for several weeks.
  • All programs are co‐ed and open to youth ages 12-17.
  • We offer small group sizes.  Each trip has a female and a male trip leader, along with 6-12 participants.
  • Our trips only travel to areas where emergency assistance is readily available.
  • Many of our trips involve activities where it is helpful for campers to be in good physical shape prior to the trip, but we don’t expect previous experience in our activities.
  • Our mature, experienced and highly trained staff lead with a focus on safety, fun, and community.
  • We provide a safe environment that allows everyone to relax, be themselves, develop skills, and make new friends.