Capital projects

Situated on over 300 acres of pristine woodlands and two sparkling freshwater ponds, Camp Burgess (est. 1928) & Hayward (est. 1960) has been a leader in Massachusetts camping for over 90 years…


The Camp Board, with input from past and present campers and staff alike, have approved a Master Plan that builds on the strong foundation and traditions of our Camps, but which also looks to the future – the sustainability and enhancement of our facilities and life-changing programmatic opportunities. Core to our sustainability and growth is our intent to preserve and enhance all spaces, landmarks, and monuments that are integral to the history of Camp Burgess & Hayward, and also employ a sustainability strategy that leaves minimal impact upon the natural resources of the property and the natural ecologies of Spectacle, Triangle, and Lawrence Ponds.



The new dining hall and kitchen will allow an additional 800 girls annually to attend Camp Hayward. Dining together is an essential component of the Camp. At meals, girls sing together, partake in a meal blessing, participate in skits, forge new friendships and nurture existing ones. The heart of Hayward is its dining hall, and the sharing and growth that occurs there is essential.


The existing Health Center was built in 1928, and no longer supports the needs of Camp. The new heath center and nurse’s station will offer modernized amenities and improved space to provide first-rate medical care to campers and staff.


The Tree House will be built as an elevated structure accessible by sky bridges. This addition to Camp Burgess will serve to encourage campers’ creative spirit, while they are engaged in their natural environment actively and imaginatively.

Camp Burgess & Hayward provides an unparalleled, life-long impact in a distinctive natural environment, to each and every person who takes part in our programs. For this reason, our goal is to serve a larger and broader-reaching base of campers and retreat participants. In order to achieve this, it is essential that we enhance current structures, as well as develop and construct new program areas and facilities.

While we believe that camp is one of the greatest experiences any young person can have, there is no guarantee that this amazing place will endure. With your support, Camp Burgess & Hayward will thrive for another 100 years.

If you are interested in helping to secure Camp Burgess & Hayward’s future as a leader in residential camping, please contact Bruce Netherwood at or 508-428-2571, ext. 103, to discuss the many ways to get involved with the campaign.

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As a branch of The South Shore YMCA, the Y’s three pillars – Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility – are all at the core of what we do at Camp Burgess & Hayward…

  • Thousands of youth are cultivating the values, leadership skills and relationships that lead to positive behaviors, which translate to better educational achievement – right now and in the future.
  • We’re passionate about providing programs, guidance and role models to help youth understand and value their health and well-being.
  • Through year-round volunteer opportunities, environmental education surrounding local and global conditions, and initiatives that forge strong communities at Camp, we strive to inspire and equip youth to give back. Social Responsibility is central to who we are.

At Camp Burgess & Hayward, we are dedicated to building healthy, confident, connected members of society through outstanding outdoor experiences in an inclusive, safe and nurturing community. We have an unwavering commitment to help children and families, who would otherwise not have the opportunity, experience all that Burgess & Hayward has to offer; as a charitable organization, we ensure that no family’s financial situation prevents them from being part of the magic of Camp.