Adventure Trips FAQs

How do I get to camp?

Adventure Trips is located on the Camp Burgess property. Directions To Camp Burgess & Hayward

When is check-in and check-out?

We thank you for arriving within the noted time frames, as we are unable to accommodate early arrivals.

  • Adventure Trips (check-in and check-out are at Base Camp)
    • Check-in is on Sunday between 1:00-2:00pm
    • Check-out is on Friday between 10:00-11:00am

Please note that the Adventure Trips check-in/out times are different from those of Camp Burgess & Hayward.

  • Camp Burgess for Boys & Camp Hayward for Girls
    • Check-in is on Sunday between 1:00-2:30pm
    • Check-out is on Friday between 2:00-3:30pm (for sessions 1,1a,1b,2, 3 & 5)
    • Check-out is on Friday between 11:00-12:30pm (for session 4 only)
Where do I drop my camper off if their trip takes place in Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, etc.?

Drop off and pick up for ALL TRIPS takes place at our location in Sandwich. All groups spend a day at our Base Camp planning for their trip, and then travel as a group in our camp vehicles to the location of their adventure!

Can I come to Adventure Trips for multiple weeks in a row?

Absolutely! You can link multiple trips by registering for our Mini-Adventure Weekend option for the weekend in between your trips. Most campers choose to attend for at least two weeks.

How many friend requests can I make per session?

We accept one friend request per camper, per session. This is done at the time of online registration.  All campers will have plenty of time together, regardless of tent assignments. Campers do not spend time hanging out in “tents groups” outside of sleeping hours.

Can I come to Adventure Trips with a group of friends?

Due to our small group sizes, we cannot accommodate large groups of friends. We do accept one friend request per camper, which must be a mutual request. If larger groups of friends are interested in a shared camp experience, we recommend registering for the same week, but different Adventure Trips. All groups at Adventure Trips during the same week will see each other and share some meals and activities together, but will also have separate experiences based on the focus of each individual trip.

What are the age requirements of Adventure Trips?

Campers ages 12-17 are able to participate in Adventure Trips programming. Some trips have specific age or experience requirements, which can be found on the Summer Trips page.

How big are Adventure Trips groups?

Our Adventure Trips have between six and 12 participants in each group.

What is the gender makeup of each group?

Groups are usually co-ed. We ensure that co-ed groups have a balance of girls and boys. Our groups of 12 campers are split either 6/6 or 7/5 for gender. In some instances, we may have single-gender groups, based on interest in that session. Sleeping and bathroom areas are single-gender.

Can campers be picked up during the session?

We ask that you do not pick up any camper during a session, as it strongly impacts his/her and the other campers’ trip experience. We thank you in advance for selecting the correct session(s) for your summer schedule. Please contact the director of your child’s program immediately if you have an issue with any of the dates scheduled.

What is your cancellation policy?


Cancel before May 1 – 100% program fees paid are refundable, less the $50 registration fee and deposit*
Cancel on or after May 1 – 50% program fees paid are refundable, less the $50 registration fee and deposit*
Cancel within 14 days of program start date – No refund, except in the case of medical necessity (documentation must be provided)*
*PLEASE NOTE: Deposits ($150/one-week session, $250/two-week session) and Registration Fee ($50) are non-refundable and non-transferable under all circumstances.
There is a $25 administrative fee for changing sessions after registering.

How do I keep in contact with my camper?

We encourage parents to send their campers snail mail, which is handed out every night after dinner. You can also email your camper on our website. These emails are printed out for campers after dinner. Phones and other electronic devices are not used by campers. Please leave these personal items at home.

Email a Camper

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes, our Financial Assistance Application is available below:

2023 Financial Assistance Application

Please note that all applications must be submitted via mail.

What is your federal tax id number?


What kind of background checks are done with staff members?

Every person we hire to work at our camp goes through an extensive background check that includes submission of a thorough application packet, interviews with the director, CORI and SORI background checks, and three separate references.