Performing & Creative Arts

From singing in the dining hall to dressing up for the co-ed dance, creative expression can be found all over the place at Camp Burgess and Hayward. During the day we like to take all this creative energy and focus it into some fantastic organized activities.


  • Drawing, sculpting, collaging in nature
  • Ceramics
  • Tie-dye
  • Totem poles
  • Paint Wars
  • Trash sculptures
  • Jewelry making
  • Costume design
  • Murals
  • Cabin flags & decorations
  • Sewing


  • Learn the guitar
  • Practice the piano
  • Form a band
  • Perform at our music festival
  • Drum circle
  • Vocal lessons


  • Acting games
  • Short skits
  • Create sets, costumes, and props
  • Improvisation activities
  • Film your own video
  • Perform on stage at campfires and in the lodge


  • Different theme days – Hip-hop, Salsa, World music, 80’s pop, Musicals
  • Choreography
  • Strength & flexibility exercises
  • Perform on stage at campfires and in the lodge