The Hayward Tree House

Camp Staff Thu 29, 2019

It’s not just a Tree House

The Hayward Tree House has recently been completed! After several years of research, planning, design and construction, the “Tree House” is open for business. Although not in a tree, it is among the trees and serves not only as a gathering place for the girls of Camp Hayward, but also as a main causeway between the upper camp (dining hall, lodge and program areas) and the lower camp (living areas and waterfront). The tree house boardwalk, an elevated walkaway, connects the Camp Hayward Office and Tousant Hall (lodge) with Pam’s Place (arts & crafts center).

This project and others would not be possible without the generous donations from Louisa Hayward.

Below are some of the sketches and drawings from the design stage of the project.

Thank you to Dave Thulin (site engineer), Jesse Kropelnicki (structural engineer), Nick Souke (site work / foundations) and Matt York (carpentry) for all of the patience and hard work necessary to complete this project.

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