Camp Burgess & Hayward’s Adventure Trips programs have been empowering youth since 1986. Our Base Camp location is on Cape Cod, just one hour south of Boston in the historic town of Sandwich and amidst over 300 acres of forests, meadows and sparkling freshwater ponds. All programs are co-ed and serve youth ages 12-17. We operate year-round and offer a variety of one-week and weekend programs, with the opportunity to be challenged with fun activities, make new friends, gain independence, and learn valuable life skills, all while experiencing adventure on Cape Cod and the Islands.


Base Camp is our home for summer adventure trips and is tucked away in its own separate nook of Camp Burgess. Most programs spend the first and last night at Base Camp, whereas some spend all, depending on the trip schedule. Since Base Camp is located within Camp Burgess & Hayward, most of our trips have some integration with camp activities and utilize camp facilities at various points throughout their program.


  • Large platform tents with cots and bunk beds
  • A large pavilion, which serves as an outdoor kitchen, eating space and general common area. There are countertops, camp stoves, grills, and picnic tables
  • A bathhouse, with separate male and female sections; each side has showers and toilets
  • There are hammocks for lazing and a yurt for lounging. The yurt is a circular building with a domed roof, which we use as another common area–it contains couches, board games and cards, books and magazines, instruments, etc.
  • A small herb garden and raised garden beds, where we harvest some of our produce for meals
  • Individual campfire and outdoor games areas


  • Our adventure trips each run for one week, but it is easy to link trips together to create a longer experience with our Mini-Adventure Weekend add-on option.
  • All programs are co‐ed and open to youth ages 12-17.
  • We cannot guarantee either a 50/50 male/female split or the ages of other participants. We normally have a good mix, but we will contact you if we feel that there is an extreme imbalance.
  • Our mature, experienced and highly trained staff lead with a focus on safety.
  • We provide a safe environment that allows everyone to relax, be themselves, develop skills, and make new friends.


The majority of the food menu is decided as a group, with the exception of our Castaways program. Participants will take an active role in shopping for ingredients, preparing and cooking meals. This is a fun and enriching part of the Adventure Trips experience. We encourage varied and healthy eating, and will often harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs from our Base Camp garden and neighboring Camp Burgess farm.

Further details can be found in our Trips Parent Guide.